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5 2021 Natalia 42 The program is incredible however it would be better if it can get more tennis courts . Also, it will be good for the kids to continue practicing in winter so they keep improving.
6 2021 Tammy 43 I like it , my sons will keep learning it with Coach David!
6 2021 Tammy 44 Great, will register for next session!
6 2021 Dimitra 60 Very pleased. with both of my children are registered and they are really enjoying it
6 2021 Marie 65 Great teachers, my daughter loves it!
6 2021 Ronda 66 Fabulous technical training !! Started as a beginner and now can play mini tennis !! Wow !! Thanks
6 2021 Rafouneh 68 Having 4 lessons during weekdays is too much. I would like to have one day per weekdays and or one day in the weekend other than that Tara loved playing tennis
6 2021 Natalia 80 Lucas loves his tennis classes and often wants to practice more. I think this program is an excellent way to love the sport while creating a sense of community for students and parents.
6 2021 Marie 84 Didnt think my daughter would like it but she loved it. David, Selena and the other young instructors do a lovely job. So much, I decided to take lessons myself.
6 2021 Niloofar 88 Hi, My son started the courses with David early summer this year and even he is just 6 years old, during the past 4-5 month,he learned much more than what we expected and most important, he loves it!
6 2021 Natalia 97 Lucas loves minitennis and won't missed one session. He is encouraged with the progress he is making and can't wait to keep practicing.
6 2020 Amira 26 my kids has enjoyed this club especially during the period of pandemic ,coach is very friendly and patient as well as very professional.I would like this activity continue to offer for our kids
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7 2021 Anne 89 Great program, Matthew joined in the middle of the class and he love it!! Coach has a lot patient and covid safe enviroment, really happy to have this great place and class for my son
7 2021 Anne 92 So happy to have this indoor tennis class for winter, great place and great coach, my son thriving to it, absolutaly love the class, so glad the city give us the school gym to do so.
7 2021 Esther ming 76 The technics taught are very useful. Coach David is very patient with the children. I expect that my son would stay for years. I will probably send my daughter for outdoor classes.
7 2020 Miguel 35 My son has been training with David at Pierrefonds royal academy since He is 4. He know play very well tennis. Every year he is better. We are absolutely happy with the academy. We hope they continue.
7 2020 Carla 36 David was very well informed about the covid situation. He took several measures to keep children and himself safe. Nobody gets sick. Kids loves their tennis practice with David.
7 2020 Andrea 6 Brianna really enjoyed tennis lessons this summer. I thought there was a good balance between learning technique and letting them rally. This was our first summer trying tennis and we were very happy
7 2020 Maxime 11 Tennis has been a great for Christophe. As discussed, during school weeks, I prefer Friday Night and Sunday Night Tennis Classes. Summer is fine. I also liked your idea of mini tennis on Friday Night.
7 2020 Limin 20 David has been developing my son for the last two years and he is showing great improvement
7 2020 Maxime 24 The tennis program is a crucial part in keeping our kids active and building self confidence. They take the Covid situation very seriously and put clear
7 2020 Maxime 25 The tennis program is a crucial part in keeping our kids active and building self confidence. Covid is taken very seriously and meticulous guidelines are put in place for safety.
8 2021 Chun chao 70 Alex enjoys learning tennis with David. It is a great program.
8 2021 Quynh 55 I would like to have an indoor winter session and ideally having 2-3 lessons per week (2 during weekdays and 1 during weekend). Having 4 lessons during weekdays is too much. Thanks.
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8 2021 Xiao nan 57 My son loves the tennis program. It would be great if can be closer to eastern Pierrefonds or Roxboro.
8 2021 Limin 93 The junior program is very useful for kids. My sun plays tennis including indoor with David for about 2 years. He improves a lot. He likes playing tennis game with other kids.
8 2021 Limin 94 The junior program is very useful for kids. He improves a lot. He likes playing tennis game with other kids. In addition, the kids wear masks in the gym even in the outdoor courts.
8 2021 Lan 91 I left Tennis Roxboro for your program because you teach way better than Tennis Roxboro. You actually teach the technics and make corrections on the students. Philip enjoys learning from you alot.
8 2021 Ying 87 We are happy to choose this program as the tennis introduction to my boys. Thank you !
8 2021 Esther 101 It was really a good experience and my son wants to continue to play the next season.
8 2021 Jane 107 Very exciting tennis year. great first exposure and training focusing on technique.
8 2020 Antony 9 The Friday beginner competition was not well administered .. the scores should be recorded .New students kept being added to the beginner class so my daughters had to repeat lower level drills.
9 2021 Lilly 85 I love the program. From the warm up to the way big groups are subdivided. Very nice the end of class contest.
9 2020 Mihai 12 The kids enjoyed the program, the class structure and the challenges. One detail would be to show them how to properly grip the racquet for a forehand, backhand, volley, serve, etc.
9 2020 Ludmila 7 Thank you for the great lessons. Looking forward to the continuation!
9 2020 Karen 8 David is a professional, dedicated and diligent teacher. Moveover in the dynamic situation, he is able to execute the protocol fully. We feel safe. And Ziqi loves his lesson very much!
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9 2020 Vivian 2 Miya tried the tennis class coached by David this Summer. David is exceptional, both in technics and in team mangement. The safty manners are taken well in the court. We look forward the new session.
9 2020 Mihai 23 Great tennis program, kids learned a lot very quickly and enjoyed it very much. During Covid, all social distancing and health measures were always strictly enforced.
9 2020 Vivian 18 Besides the lessons .. I wish we have more tennis courts in our Pierrefonds neighbourhood to allow more free and supervised play.
10 2022 Chifaa 108 Bonjour j'aimerais bien inscrit Sara pour la saison prochaine
10 2021 Sunira 105 Super program. The kids love it! David is very honest. Thank you for your time
10 2021 Jane 106 Dedicated instructor emphasizes great technique and good fun
10 2021 Tania 99 Great program! Love it!
10 2021 Carmen 53 Great activity for children, would be great if there was more time slots to choose from, the city should allow the club to use all courts especially during the day when people are working!
10 2021 Carmen 54 this is the first year my kids are trying tennis and they love it! great instructors, would help if there was more court time for the kids to practice after lessons
10 2021 Mihai 48 The boys liked the program and the way it's taught and structured. Thanks for everything.
10 2021 Carmen 71 Tennis has become a great activity for my child, having access to more court time for the club and the kids is a must. City should invest more in this sport that gathers people of all ages
10 2021 Carmen 72 First year of tennis for my kids and it has been a well organized activity, kids learn all the techniques of the sport. Wish to see more courts available for the club to offer the classes to more kids
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10 2021 Robert 77 It was a great tennis year as usual and my son makes a progress every year . Thanks a lot for the effort
10 2020 Rania 15 It was excellent my son made a big improvement
10 2020 Robert 16 It was excellent and my son made a remarkable progress thanks for your efforts
10 2020 Nishit 3 Excellent coaching and great opportunity for young kids to learn tennis , get active and make friends.
10 2020 Karen 37 My kids are attending these courses for about 2 years, and we are very happy. We are looking forward to continuing !.
10 2020 Victoria 27 Nikifor really improved his tennis ability !
10 2020 Babak 32 Great program made my daughter love tennis
10 2020 Fotini 39 Kids have been registered the last few summers. Great tennis program close to our house. With COVID restrictions last year David kept kids separate and was cautious with frequent washing hands.
10 2020 George 40 Terrific experience !!!
11 2021 Rong 41 My son love this summer tennis training section. Every time when he can win the little completion at the end of the class, he will be very happy and feel more confident to this sport.
11 2021 Sviatlana 47 Amazing opportunity for kids
11 2021 Angie 103 My son Emilio has been doing tennis with David for a couple of years now and he absolutely loves this program. He gets to enjoy the sport he loves even during the winter. He's excited to go every week
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11 2021 Carmen 98 Mini tennis has been a hit for my kids, it is a great activity to keep the kids active even during the winter, they continue learning and practicing the techniques and play in a safe environment
11 2021 Rina 86 Emilia has been enjoying the lessons.Learning positioning and technique helps when they do the little competitions, which is her favorite part. She has improved over the last few weeks as well.
11 2021 Vivien 81 Good teaching. Good place to play tennis with other kids. My son is very happy every time.
11 2020 Sviatlana 29 Mark went from the beginner class to the 2nd higest level with in a month !! We felt very safe taking then classes.
11 2020 Sviatlana 10 It was a great experience for my son. We definitely need to continue.
12 2021 Olga 45 this program teaches tennis in a practical way, and with these technics my child is able to gain a better understanding of tennis
12 2021 Roxana michelle 83 It was a really good experience for my son. He enjoyed a lot. Thanks a lot
12 2021 Sviatlana 95 Amazing program - my son loves it. Please keep going
12 2021 Jenny 50 Perfect!
12 2021 Chunchao 58 My kid loves tennis and he enjoys learning with David. It would be great if he could continue learning and practice in an indoor tennis during winter.
12 2021 Chun chao 69 Great program and affordable. My kid enjoys learning tennis with David and loves playing. We look forward to the mini-tennis in winter time.
13 2021 Olga 96 Great course! My daughter has greatly improved in her tennis skills. I am quite content with the progress she is making.
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13 2020 Susana 31 All the instructions given by the government to avoid any contagious of covid have been taken at this tennis program. Kids keep 2 Metres distance and wear the mask when necessary.
14 2020 Seble 33 RPTA junior tennis an excellent program. It helped our daughter to develop her physical and mental strength.
14 2020 Margaret 34 We see improvements each year .Helped him to be more active, socially (still respecting social distance,clean hands) instead of playing videogames. Tennis program at Grier is beneficial for all.
14 2020 Carmen 30 David and his team handled very well the Covid measures. As anparent, I felt very confident to let my son take the lessons. Also, it gave my son a space to exercise and learn discipline.
14 2020 Lisa 28 Jade enjoys this program very much and she will continue to attend it this summer.
14 2020 Fadi 14 Great program. Convenient times.
14 2020 Olga 19 It was a wonderful experience for both girls, as always. David and staff took the Covid and sanitary measures very seriously.
15 2020 Fadi 38 Good and safe program