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12 2024 Spring J Lei 72
60 2023 Spring X Badminton Quebec 15 Enfin, le WIBC est un club de badminton très important pour nous (Badminton Québec) et nous vous remercions de l'ouverture à accueillir David Pealow et son club de badminton. Ce club a formé et forme encore aujourd'hui plusieurs jeunes joueurs évoluant sur nos circuits de compétitions provinciales et qui pour certains sont même devenus champions québécois et même canadiens. Bref, nous voulions simplement reconnaître la grande contribution du WIBC au badminton québécois!
8 2023 Spring J Nirajkumar 37 I would like to thank David and DDO city to give my daughter and me an opportunity to Play Badminton and learn new skills. She is enjoying going to class every Saturday. I also started playing on Friday and I am enjoying a lot.
9 2023 Spring J Chun chao 6 My younger son is not very good at badminton yet, however, David is very patient with him and working to train him to focus, to be more serious and to get better and better. It is great that my kids can enjoy indoor sport during Winter time at an affordable price. It's an amazing program.
10 2023 Spring J Alexis 29 Mon fils adore les cours de badminton de cette école et ne veut pas manquer un seul cours. Merci David et son équipe pour la belle organisation.
10 2023 Spring J Christina 46 Cindy likes badminton and started this sport in the club. The teacher is also very serious and very talented. The class got energy exercise before and some games at the end of the course. Even though she doesn't have strong force, she now get to be stronger at clears. They got to learn lots of different ways to beat the opponent, such as the smash and the net shot.
11 2023 Spring J Vasudha 58 Really a good program which helps in mental and physical development of my child. Can't miss it all.
11 2023 Spring J Srikar 19 I really like how Coach David trains us kids. I started in Fall 2022, and am continuing in Spring 2023. Both my parents also joined the Adult lessons. The facilities are good, and the training is really very very good. Coach David instils the spirit of competitiveness and encourages us to get better with each lesson.
12 2023 Spring J Romain 7 Le club de badminton est le meilleur endroit pour nos jeunes afin qu'ils se dépensent et fassent une activité intense. Le programme leur permet de progresser et prendre confiance en eux. Merci David !
12 2023 Spring J Yu 49 We are so happy to have the kid playing badminton in the club. He did improved a lot in skills and confidence. Thanks for coaches' effort and DDO providing the place.
13 2023 Spring J Shirley 43 Daniel started to learn badminton with David since he was 8 years old. We went to David's club with friends and we didn't know anything about this badminton club at all back then. However, we are the lucky ones, Daniel joined best badminton club in Quebec at least if not national. David trained the little ones step by step, movement by movement, and correct each of the kids on the spot, so, the kids are not only playing badminton but take it seriously to learn everything about badminton. Daniel learned from David even during the pandemic period, and now, he won singles and doubles in regional high school campaign of Lac Saint Louis region, and we can see his solid improvement and all inspired by David. Daniel told us, David is the best coach of badminton, no doubt and Daniel is full of passion about badminton and he loved this sport, we feel indeed luck to join this club.
13 2023 Spring J Denis 68 We finally found an activity my daughter really likes and wants to continue her training. David is an amazing coach and we really appreciate everything he does to support the club.
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13 2023 Spring J Fung ping 16 This club is very nice. I've sent my child here for a couple of months and we can already see massive improvement in his overall skills. He really enjoys being there and loves playing against others. We hope that he will be able to continue participating at this club and we wish them the best.
13 2023 Spring J Shuhua 21 the program is very important for kids to practice and force their perseverance. even more, we hope to find out the schedule of the summer camp.
13 2023 Spring J Chun chao 5 My son enjoyed learning and practicing badminton with David. He is more physically fit and also more confident. It is great that my kids can enjoy indoor sport during Winter time at an affordable price. It's an amazing program.
14 2023 Spring J Mark 64 It's a privilege to have this badminton club available to us. My daughter learnt so much and has so much fun playing and learning badminton at the club. It's gives her the chance to be active and spend time away from her phone and computer screen and it allows her to connect with other kids. We are thankful for the efforts of coach David as he makes a great positive impact on the lives of our kids.
15 2023 Spring J Binu 44 I love Badminton. I used to play with my daughter Jennifer since she was 6 years old. We moved to Canada in 2017. Now she is doing her coaching under David. Thank you David, you are the best couch. She has improved her skills under your training. I also enjoy playing on fridays and sundays. Thanks to DDO for giving such a well equiped and organized recreation club. All fellow players are friendly and energetic. Thanks to West Island Badminton Club.
16 2023 Spring J Fereshta 52 This club is wonderful. My son has been in this club for almost 2 years now. He has improved so much in this short amount of time. This club is very good and it shows how effective the training is and it's good for the community.
0 2023 Spring A Priyanka 56 I joined the adult season this January and I'm so happy I did. I don't live in DDO but this was one of the few badminton clubs offered in Montreal which was accepting new people. It's a beautiful community and as I a beginner, I felt welcomed. It's well-organized and as a large group, players get to play with people of their own level. I look forward to join adult lessons during the next season! I would like to thank everyone who has put in effort to allow this community come to life and to the City for allowing us to learn, have fun, and create memories.
0 2023 Spring A Christopher 30 When I join the WIBC last year I was welcomed by everyone, professional and new players a like. Not only have I developed new skills and been able to keep active. I've also met many amazing people from my community that I otherwise would have never met! It's been a truly rewarding experience that I look forward to continuing. Finally, I would like to thank the city of DDO for allowing us to utilize the amazing space at École secondaire des Sources. Without this space we would be losing much more than a badminton club. We would be losing a part of the community.
0 2023 Spring A Siddhesh 38 I left my home country and came to Canada in 2014. I love playing badminton, and so I came across this club which offers competitive recreational badminton with an opportunity to socialize with club members. This club helped me easily settle in a completely new country via the great cause of BADMINTON. I have been part of this club since 2017, and thank you for offering a great place to competitively play and socialize outside the work life. In addition, David is a great coach and player who have held high standards.
0 2023 Spring A Sukhmanpreet 39 This is one of the best badminton clubs around West Island. The service is excellent. The nets are already on, the tag board has been already set up, the players follow the rules, the rotation is quick, the guests are friendly, the timings are enough, and the lighting is very good. Although it's been 5 yrs now, I would still feel happy on badminton day. This recreational activity with this club is a stress buster for me. Thank you WIBC.
10 2023 Spring A Xiao nan 10 This is a great program for young people either to inspire their interests in badminton or make them love this sport and excel... We are happy for having such a wonderful badminton club in West Island and hope it will get more supports from our boroughs/cities.
14 2023 Spring A Sami 11 My son and I have been training this year with David and we both have seen some good progression, while having a great time playing badminton. The West Island badminton club has what it needs to be a top activity in the West Island, all activities considered, but also to become a reference on a larger scale!
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16 2023 Spring A Weiguo 47 Thank David put a lot of effort to keep the club running despite the difficult time, it's good activity for young kid, maintain healthy both physically and mentally.
30 2023 Spring A Achintya 48 I moved to Dollard-Des-Ormeaux six years back, and West Island Badminton Club (WIBC) provided the opportunity to continue playing competitive & recreational badminton, stay physically fit and meet with new people. I cannot thank our City enough for serving the community and helping badminton culture thrive. Gym facilities are exceptional, and the club is very-well operated. Club committee has been putting long hours managing all activities in a truly professional and transparent way. A big thanks to the City and our Club, I really look forward to continuing having access to Gym facilities for badminton and my association with WIBC.
30 2023 Spring A John 53 When I first joined up in WIBC a couple of years ago, I was very happy with how incredibly welcoming everyone was within the club. I was at a beginner level at the time, but everyone was always willing to help me take the necessary steps to improve my game. It's also a fun way to get out of the house and get some exercise, while being a part of a fantastic community that continues to thrive and grow. Not to mention, both my kids have also joined the WIBC, and absolutely love it too. All of this would not be possible without the excellent facilities that the city of DDO has provided us to play in, so I wanted to extend a huge thank you to them for this! :)
30 2023 Spring A Haqeem 34 I recently joined the club January 2023 after a long hiatus from badminton. It has been very enjoyable to play badminton again and to meet new people in the community. The space and location is ideal for the amount of games and people playing. I highly recommend anybody to join the club and have fun playing badminton.
40 2023 Spring A Brad 12 I look forward to the session every week. This is a great way to keep in shape and make friends rain, shine, snow, or storm. FANTASTIC TRAINERS AND FANTASTIC CLUB!! I look forward to enrolling my daughters as soon as they are old enough. Highly recommended.
40 2023 Spring A Rob 13 This is the best Badminton program in Quebec !! We have doubles, singles, lessons .. top juniors playing with adults !! I am so happy with this club .. it is a treasure !!
40 2023 Spring A Ramesh 14 David is an exceptional coach! He encourages competitiveness and helps you get better with each lesson. Our son enrolled for badminton lessons in Fall, and seeing David's coaching me & my wife both enrolled for the winter sessions. I personally was not a big fan of badminton, but started learning in significant part, due to David's coaching. He is so dedicated, that when he had to go on vacation, he ensured the weekly classes were uninterrupted, by getting substitute coaches! I wish & hope he continues this streak!
40 2023 Spring A Prashant 9 I'm an adult student and I find the coaching offered by David to be instrumental in improving my game. He emphasizes the basics over and over and does not overload the lessons with lots of new concepts, which can be overwhelming to digest. I think the approach is solid, and the lesson structure has a good balance between drills and playing matches against other students. The feedback is tailored to help you with specific aspects of your game, and that's about all one can ask for. I'd definitely look forward to keep playing at WIBC!
40 2023 Spring A Patrick 54 Je voulais simplement dire que je suis content de faire partie du club de Badminton du West Island. Le club est super bien organisé et je sais que vous mettez beaucoup d'effort pour que l'expérience soit la meilleure possible. D'ailleurs, la portion pour les juniors est aussi très importante. Ça permet de faire bouger les jeunes! Un avantage qui s'applique à moi aussi! Bref, je vous remercie pour tout. Je voudrais aussi prendre une minute pour remercier la ville de DDO. Le gym est vraiment bien et j'espère que nous pourrons y jouer longtemps.
40 2023 Spring A Alex 55 I just wanted to say that the West Island Badminton Club (WIBC) is a wonderful club to pratice/play badminton. The club is very well organized. I know for being a member for the last 3 years that this is due to the incredible effort that Jackie, Sally and you put. So, I would like to thank you for your hard work. Also, I would like to thank you the city of DDO for the gym that they are providing to the club. The gym is amazing and I hope we will keep playing there.
40 2023 Spring A Hapi 45 I joined the club since 2019. I really do enjoy playing badminton at this club. The people are friendly and very considerate. This club gives me the opportunity to enjoy and have fun while getting workout. Now this year I am bringing my 2 kids to join this club and so far they love it. I would like to thanks to David and the city of DDO for making this sport available for all of us at all level.
40 2023 Spring A Malek 57 Ever since I joined the club, it helped increase my confidence in the sport by being part of this mixed community of newbies and experts. What a great experience. I year later and I am in the best shape, looking forward to practice after a long week's work. My skills have improved tremendously. Looking forward to continue this great sport with great people and support. Hopefully at some point I can do more classes.
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40 2023 Spring A Hua 50 very nice place to practice badmiton. Professional for all levels. Great ptice as well. I've also met many amazing people. very rewarding experience for me. I look forward to continuing.
40 2023 Spring A Christine 41 J'adore le badminton. Merci à la ville de DDO de permettre au club d'utiliser ses installations. Le club et bien organisé et a plus de 200 membres. C'est plaisant d'avoir de plages horaires pour les adultes.
40 2023 Spring A Sohaib 65 It's the 2nd session that I am with West Island Badminton (WIBC) Program and I super glad to have found this program. After the pandemic it was hard to find activities that are conveniently located, however the amazing space at École secondaire des Sources is the best spot. Location and amenities are great. WIBC has become my staple weekly physical and social activity as there are other like-minded participants in this group and I am grateful to the city of DDO for allowing us to utilize the space and provide this opportunity. I hope and wish that we continue to have this program active at École secondaire des Sources for many years to come as the coach, location and program is amazing and an excellent addition to the community.
40 2023 Spring A Pratik 62 This is my first year in the adult program (Beginner level). The registration process was very straightforward, and I have always received proper communication. Management is very organized. It gives a very good opportunity to play, learn, meet and know new community members.
45 2023 Spring A Alexandre 25 We are attending classes with my daughter and I can tell - this is our favorite activity! David is doing a great job! We are progressing fast and having fun! Such a great club! Hope more time slots will be available that we can play more often. I want to thank a city of DDO for giving us a great opportunity to play and practice in different DDO schools. This is a real sign of caring about a community by DDO City management. Sincerely, Alex (514)90-7379
59 2023 Spring A Alexandre 2 This is a great program, I am improving my skills and physical condition. David is doing a wonderful job by keeping it running. Thank you!
60 2023 Spring A Bogdan 36 My wife and I have been members of the West Island Badminton Club (WIBC) for over 15 years. Participating in a club activity offers a sense of community and connection with like-minded individuals who share similar interests. These social interactions can also provide numerous benefits such as improving mental health, reducing stress, and enhancing overall well-being. Furthermore, being part of a badminton club provides the opportunity to improve our physical fitness, coordination, and agility while having fun with others. We can learn new skills and techniques, participate in matches, and challenge ourselves to improve our game. Overall, it is a positive and enjoyable experience to be a part of this club. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the City of Dollard des Ormeaux for providing a gym space for our Badminton Club at 'École secondaire des Sources'. Your support has been instrumental in helping us pursue our passion for the sport and build a strong community of sport-loving individuals. Having access to a well-maintained and spacious gym has allowed us to practice our game, hone our skills, and engage in friendly matches with other club members. The facilities provided have been exceptional and have allowed us to truly enjoy our time on the court. Your dedication to supporting community sports programs such as ours has made a significant impact on our lives. The opportunity to be a part of a Badminton Club has helped us stay active, connect with others, and find joy in our leisure time. I want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the City of DDO for your unwavering support. We look forward to continuing to enjoy the benefits of the gym space you have provided us and hope to maintain a strong partnership with WIBC for years to come. Thank you once again for all that you do. Bogdan Kmieciak
70 2023 Spring A Mike 31 I have been living in Dollard now for over 40 years, I can not imagine living anywhere else, the city has and hopefully will continue to have alot to offer. I can not express the importance of this badminton club, it is a great source of entertainment,and has great physical and mental benefits! This is a well administered club and the people doing the administration are fantastic. I can only hope that the city keeps us going and does not take this important club away !!
70 2023 Spring A Guy 20 Badminton is a great way for all ages and all levels of ability to get exercise ,stay flexible,and have fun ,without too much stress on the body,can't think of a better activity especially for older and younger individuals
13 2023 Spring 0 Olena 66 I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate David's coaching of my teenage daughter. David Pealow does an excellent job of articulating the technical aspects of badminton playing. My daughter improve her physical as well as psychological wellbeing. Thank you for this opportunity and experience.
17 2023 Spring 0 Daphne 61 Very good program for my kid. It provides a place and coach to improve my kid's badminton skill. Hope it to continue and we strongly support this program
30 2023 Spring 0 Vidya r 18 David really brings out the best in you. He is very good at what he does - coaching athletes of all ages. He trains our son, as well as me and my husband. A truly great coach and we want him to continue the club.
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40 2023 Spring 0 Wen shu 60 I love the club activity. Finally, my family can have the chance to play badminton in our own city with reasonable cost. The coach is so experienced and club members are very nice. My daughter is having training course and public session. She improved a lot since joined the club, enjoyed the sport and built more confidence on herself. And other family members enjoyed the public session as well. We had a great family time. Thanks DDO for offering such a good program.
16 2023 Sprin J Stephanie 63 WIBC is a very organized badminton club, with skilled instructors and coaches, and the training is highly technical but thorough. There is a great emphasis on aerobic training as well as badminton technique, and as a result the students are trained at a high level!
40 2023 Sprin A Ali 23 Gym (4/5) , Communication (5/5) , Price (3/5) , Ambiance (5/5) , Lessons (5/5)<< response >> (1) costs are basically set against our expenses. We are now less than $3 / hour which is really good. Other cities heavily sponsor their clubs but we have a lot of members from outside DDO using the facilities. I think DDO is really fair .. the school board charges ridiculous cleaning fees and does not even clean.. we are disputing this charge. (2) they are painting the walls 2023/04/17 .. let's see if it will help the the vision in the gym.
50 2023 Sprin A Lidia 35 I would like to thank the city of Dollard des Ormeaux for giving our badminton club great facilities at Ecole Secondaire de Sources. We play badminton around 10 years in this club, we love this sport and happy to continue keep active, improve our skills, among friendly and fun people.
50 2023 Sprin A Tongqian 40 Hi, My two children and I all attended West Island badminton class, and we all enjoy it, and learned a lot . With improved skills, we are going to spend more time play. Kids will have more exercising time instead of sitting in front of computer, and I will be able to do more fun exercise. Very very helpful! Tongqian
50 2023 Sprin A Jackie 17 Well, this club is the best for badminton in Canada. I have been this club more than 8 years and so far so good. I have been several clubs before or sometimes but this is exceptional. There are many different levels and any players who has different skill and technic can play and well balanced from beginner to advancer. I highly recommend this club if you are looking for amiable but professional badminton club.
56 2023 sprin A Reza 32 I am retired. I enjoy the Badminton doubles game on every Friday's night. I brought in My son and another youngster Rashad - both plays higher levels, as I love to see the clubs growth. My son Nabil has played with David many years ago. In fact David is the one who made Nabil a better player. At one point Nabil was playing as the doubles partner for David. We parents were very proud to see a student who came to learn, finally playing with coach together. This club has so much of memories for us. Friday night we all meet. We don't know each other before. But with the time we became one big family. David has introduced a system with each ones names as a tag ,which works smoothly. Readiness of 8 courts and cordial relationship among the members make more fun . I feel guilty for not being able to help clearing the courts after the games, as I come all the way from St-Laurent..why ? because I love the sport, love the members, set-up and adore David. David and the club is part of our lives..Thank you
40 2023 Spri A Imran 28 This is one of the best, if not the best badminton club on the island of Montreal. As an avid player for over 20 years I have seen immensely talented adults and juniors not only compete at their level but enjoy the game. The members are one big family that looks forward to meeting each other and getting together for roughly 2 hours at a time to display their skills, and enjoy the time spent on the court. We all look forward to playing several nights a week at a great gymnasium centrally located for our convenience. Let us keep this club going for years to come !
13 2023 Fall J David 69 This program is awesome !! The instructors are so passionate and helpful !! World class and they have produced the best players in Canada from here in Dollard !!
15 2023 Fall A Sami 71 Glad that both my son and I are registered in this badminton program. I great way to have fun, stay in shape and progress thanks to David's teachings
40 2023 Fall A Sally 24 As you know, I have been a member with the West Island Badminton Club since September 2000. For almost 20 years, I played at the Riverdale school, Pierrefonds where the club operated. Though the floors were great there, towards the end the lighting was dull and it affected play. There were several closures for PED days, Halloween, and other holidays. In DDO, I find the wooden courts are excellent and the lights are good. The white walls make it a little difficult to see the birds at times, but manageable. I love it that we get more play days here with hardly any closures. I think the gym was closed only on November 6, 2022. We are open even during the Spring break!! I am glad that you salvaged our club.  We owe a big THANK YOU to the DDO city for taking us in and allowing us to continue playing badminton in the West Island. I love playing this sport and promise to guide the youngsters and other adult members of our club to continue playing and keeping fit both physically and mentally. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the DDO city for providing us the gyms and the time slots. 
14 2023 Fall 0 Chun chao 70 Great program at an affordable price. David is patient with the kids and passionate about the sport. Both of my kids are learning badminton with David. It's great that the kids can be part of an organized sports program and enjoy indoor exercise during cold weather.
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12 2022 Fall J Romain 3 Its tremendous how Julia progressed this season. She went from a beginner to a good level in a short period of time. With techniques and work, I am sure she will progress again and the tryouts of her secondary school will be easy ones next year. Keep up the good coaching !
16 2022 Fall J Ibtehal 67 My daughter enjoyed learning and practicing badminton with David two years ago till now, she is more physically fit and also advanced in Badminton. It is great that she can enjoy indoor sport during Winter time at an affordable price without searching a club in other cities. It's a very good program.
17 2022 Fall J Narayanarajan 22 It is good program run by David .My daughter hugely benefitted by this program.I recommend this program for Juniors . Also I enrolled in Adult program which benefitted me for practising Badminton
20 2022 Fall A Daniel 4 Great facilities, good competition at all levels.
30 2022 Fall A Avery 33 I love going to badminton every week. Everyone is kind and focused on having fun. The club is well organized. It's also quite welcoming to new members.
50 2022 Fall A Dinesh 59 I have two concerns 1. The Friday night adult courts has very less visibility 2. Wednesday night adult courts are fantastic 3. Overall cost of the programs are high compared to other clubs is the Geberal feeling of all members 4. I understand the subsidies from city to other clubs but other clubs are ran by rookies 5. David being in this field for years we are confident he can find better options to cut cost and keep our club going for years to come 6. Junior training for beginners needs improvement in terms of quality .......................................................................................................... ................................................................................((Response to comments )) (1) walls are being painted blue in April 3 2023 at PDS so the visibility should be quite good. (3) ..The cost at PDS is less than $2.40 / hour which includes birds, organization, insurance, social events and set up which is a fantastic price and this is the general feeling of the current membership... (4) The other clubs are run very well but sometimes over populated to keep registration fees lower...(6) The junior program is considered one of the best in Canada by both Badminton Quebec and Badminton Canada. Currently, five of the top adult National team players were developed by WIBC from a level of complete beginners . Every child that follows our instruction and tries their best become highly skilled players. Children who have no interest, lazy, do not listen or do not try their best never become a decent players. Our quality of junior player development is the best in the country and constantly improving ! We now have an all day Saturday development gym for very young badminton students .. we are grateful to DDO for for the best support we could have imagined !!
60 2022 Fall A David 1 The club is extremely well organized. Open play is organized and everyone gets to play a lot !! Friendly atmosphere. We have social parties to celebrte our club and new friends that we have made !! Juniors have a world class develoment program . We have badminton lessons for juniors and adults which nobody else offers !! They can go from beginner to Canadian Champion. The program developed 80% of the current Adult Quebec Team participating in the Canada Games 2023.