General Policies



West Island Badminton Club is a private, cooperative club run by its members.  Following are the general policies of the club, to be updated from time to time as needed:


1.                  Member Participation


The Executive Committee of the Club is responsible for administrative issues, such as renting the gym and purchasing shuttles.  All of the members of the Club are responsible for operational issues, including the following:


1.1              Facilitate the running of the boards by helping with new people and calling out games;

1.2              Keep the play area clean [if the floor is dirty get a broom, if the floor is wet, dry it];

1.3              Always be courteous, respectful and friendly to other members and guests;

1.4              Always be respectful of our equipment and property  [do not hit the nets; do not destroy the shuttles];

1.5              At the end of the evening, take down the nets and collect all shuttles; return the nets and shuttles to the box, put the boards away, close the box [THIS IS EVERY MEMBER'S RESPONSIBILITY];

1.6              Assist with social activities; join a committee, volunteer your expertise, help with whatever is necessary.


Adult Members


Must be 18 years and over


Junior Program Members


19 and under


2.                  Gym Utilisation 8:00 - 10:30 pm


2.1              Fridays

2.1.1    Back gyms (12 courts)              -          12 courts  doubles

2.1.2    Front gyms (6 courts)               -           3 courts singles badminton 

                                                                        3 courts LBA training / practice


 2.2              Sundays

2.2.1        Back gyms (12 courts)            -           12 court doubles

2.2.2        Front gyms (6 courts)                -           3 courts lessons then singles

3 courts LBAr league matches or TRaining


3.                  Tags


Each member will be given a tag when they join, and will be assigned a colour within their range of play.  As a general guideline, members are requested to keep within one or two ranges of colours when selecting games, but should not withdraw their pegs if there are no colours within their range.  This is a friendly, recreational club and all members are encouraged to play with each other no matter the level.


Tag colours will be assigned by the person in each season whose job it is to review and assign colours for level of play.  Please see below for this season's reviewer/assigner.  Should you need to change your colour, if you feel that your level has improved, then please speak to that person to consider your play and adjust your colour if need be.


All non-official tags will be removed from the board.


4.                  Boards


There will be one board to regulate the front gym (6 courts) and one board to regulate the back gyms (12 courts).  Members may place their tags on either board, although the use of the courts as noted above is to be respected.  Families will be given a family tag and must also enter the rotation.  Games for families are to last not more than fifteen minutes each, then the next family rotates onto the court and so on.  Team play and practice will also be assigned tags for certain courts.   All members, whether playing adult recreational, family, singles, or competitive MUST put their tags on the board.


5.                  Social Events


Social events are a pleasant and necessary part of the Club and will be budgeted based upon surplus funds acquired through registration.  All members are expected to help in the organization or administration of scheduled events in any way that they feel they can.


6.                  Season


The season will start on September 9 and will continue until the end of  June 14. 


7.                  Registration Fee


The registration fee for the current season are  updated

and staed on the main web page:



8.                  Guest Fees


Guest fees are $10 per night, to be paid to the person assigned to collect guest fees [see below].  If the guest decides to join the club, this first payment of $10 will be deducted from the membership fee.  Each member will be allotted one free guest voucher.  Please see Wendy Curran if you wish to use your voucher.



9.                  Privileged Juniors


There are certain junior members designated as "Privileged Juniors", which allows them to stay after 8:00 p.m. to play in the adult club.  Following is the definition of a Privileged Junior:


-           must be a member of the WIBC Junior Programme

-           must be under 17 years of age

-           must be authorized by the Junior Program Director as having an advanced skill level and mature personality, capable of participating in the adult program.

-          must enter all regional, provincial, national & LBA competitions as a

           member of West Island Badminton Club ( no other organisation )

-          Must attend at least one junior training time / week