Adult Programs

Senior Recreational

Every club night, by means of a board system, the club runs round robin play.  Every player is rated from beginner to advanced within five categories.  Players traditionally choose games with other members within their level.  Essentially, this means that you do not have to arrange games in advance.  Members show up by themselves and are automatically inserted into the rotation.  The club supplies badminton shuttles (birds). 

Senior Competitive

The West Island Badminton Club is a member of the Lakeshore Badminton Association and registers teams to play within the LBA league.  This league is comprised of  many other local clubs that compete with each other during the season.  The program also includes training sessions at the beginning of the season.  There are also club championships for singles, doubles and mixed doubles play. 

Senior Lessons

An important aspect of the Senior program is the senior lessons.  This helps beginners learn all the necessary strokes (shots) and teaches them game strategy.  For more advanced members it affords them the opportunity to fine tune their game and elevate their category level.  This program has become the magnet to attracting former high school players and first timers to the club for physical activity.

 Singles Ladder

Very few clubs offer the opportunity to play singles badminton.  Physiological testing has shown top-calibre singles badminton to be one of the most physically demanding sports.  At West Island Badminton Club we encourage singles play, as it is felt that those who play singles develop better overall skill levels as compared to doubles players.

Social events 

The club runs various social events throughout the season to promote friendships off the court. 

Priviledge Juniors 

While the adult program is primarily for age 18 and above, we do make room for our outstanding juniors to participate. Some of our juniors are ranked among the top in Québec !


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